Frequently Asked


Can I purchase your product in a physical store?1/5
Not yet but we're working on it. If you're in Denver, NYC, Dallas-Fort Worth, or the DC area - stay tuned. We're coming to stores near you!
Can you ship to me?2/5
Given alcohol regulation and our current licensing situation, we can't ship to you. But, if your order is big enough we'll think about flying it to you ourselves. We can hand-deliver any cocktails to you if you are in the following states: New York, Colorado, Texas, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, or South Carolina.
How do you make the cocktails?3/5
Great question! We start by dreaming up our favorite spirit forward cocktails. We do this by reading all the mixology books and recent articles we can get our hands on. Then, we look at what spirits we love that fit the categories of drinks we're trying to make. When we're out and about being friends, we try things that sound good and talk about them. Then, we go home and try to recreate them. and read about them. It's like nerding out in the most fun way possible. We test a number of spirits and talk to a lot of producers before we decide what we want to work with. Then, we start infusing and mixing things till we come up with a cocktail we'd be excited to serve our foodiest friends at any picnic or dinner party we're hosting.
How long will the drinks stay good?5/5
Our products are all over 24% ABV which means they are shelf-stable. We recommend chilling them for the best drinking experience - particularly once you've opened. But, if you're running low on fridge space, don't sweat it.
Can I resell your product?4/6
Nope! That said, if you happen to be an alcohol distributor or retailer who is interested, get in touch and we can chat:
Can I return a product?5/5
We want your honest feedback. If you don't love a product, we are more than happy to take it back. Only requirement - give us some tips on how you think we could make it something you'd love :)
What does the name Lolly & Cope mean? 5/5
We wanted our products and brand to reflect who we are and to tell our story along with the story of our drinks. Laura's niece and nephew lovingly call her "Aunt Lolly" (which is the cutest thing ever) and given the plethora of other Hannah's around her age in college, Hannah Copeland started going by Cope. So, there you have it: Lolly & Cope.