Two friends and a love for good drinks.

Hannah and Laura met in Washington DC at a delightful cocktail bar named 600T.  Laura was working in the coffee industry and Hannah had started her own wine tourism company. After one of those wine trips to Portugal and many conversations on how to make great drinks more accessible, Lolly & Cope was born!

Our drink philosophy

We believe you should be able to drink great cocktails however you damn please. If that's on top of a mountain after a long day of hiking, great. If that's a half pour while you get ready to go out with friends, great. If it's with friends and means you don't have to spend all evening making drinks, good for you - take a load off. We're thinking of ways to bring high-quality cocktails from the bar to you, functionally.
Laura hails from Dallas, TX and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2012, a proud tar heel. After college, Laura joined the Boston Consulting Group and then spent several years working in specialty coffee. She started as a barista in DC and then worked in retail operations for a set of shops in Fort Worth (lowkey coolest city in Texas). Laura now lives in Denver, Colorado, close to her sisters, nieces and nephew, who gave her the name Lolly. She loves ski weekends with friends, all kinds of hiking adventures, and anything that brings people together. Her favorite cocktail is a tie between the Spicy Tequila Sipper with a splash of grapefruit and the Classic Old Fashioned - it all depends on the vibe.
Hannah grew up in the Washington, DC area and graduated from Covenant College in 2014. Following college, she lived for several years in Barcelona, Spain and  went on to work for several years as an Operations Director for a global travel company before launching her own wine tourism company. She loves using food and drink to create experiences that connect people to places and each other. She's also a big fan of Excel - seriously. She can rarely sit still and you'll find her biking or running all over whatever city she's in or mountain she happens to be near. In 2020, she moved to NYC and teamed up with Laura to start making cocktails. Her favorite is the Mezcal Negroni.